It’s all in the timing

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the crucial nature of timing in what I do. Like everything, when you engage on a particular step can have a profound impact on what you can accomplish. In any web project, engaging on web accessibility from the beginning can make the difference between a nominal percentage of the budget dedicated to ensuring accessibility and massive budget bloat caused by the need for extensive review of complex systems that gave no thought to the subject […]

My Calendar 2.3.0: It’s been a long time coming

I released the last version of My Calendar – a minor bug fix release for the 2.2 version cycle – on October 29th, 2013. The first release in the 2.2 code base was April 17th, 2013. So, I’ve been sitting on this code base for just under a year. It’s time for an update. But I hope it’ll be worth it — this new release has a lot of great updates. I’ve re-worked a number of back-end operations, and hopefully […]

Update to WP Accessibility: longdesc

Having just returned from the premiere conference on accessibility and technology, it was inevitable that I would find myself brimming with new ideas. This year, it started quite early, when John Foliot caught me and told me he had something he’d like for me to do. John being who he is, I was already quaking in my comfortable shoes. The history of longdesc in HTML5 is complicated: the decision to keep the attribute required many long arguments and defense of […]

On Detecting Assistive Technology

It’s what everybody’s talking about, so why not chime in? Karl Groves Marco Zehe Dylan Barrell Dennis Lembree And spawned by the results from WebAIM’s 5th Screen Reader User Survey. First off: the original question was whether screen reader detection should be allowed, and not about detecting all assistive technology – and there’s a good reason for that. The relationship between screen readers and browsers is much closer than, say, the relationship between an adaptive keyboard and a browser. The […]

My Calendar User’s Features – Does anybody use them?

My Calendar is a bit of a monster plug-in. It’s not totally ridiculous – but there are a couple of features that I added years ago and have personally never actually used. Specifically, the user-specific features. You can configure settings in My Calendar that allow your users to set their location and timezone in their user profile, so that when they view My Calendar, they’ll automatically see events in their location and/or with times adjusted to their timezone. Inconveniently (and […]

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