New article at Practical eCommerce on WCAG 2

So I’ve been very quiet here frequently. Few articles, few comments on recent news, and only the occasional update to my WordPress plugins. However, I haven’t been entirely silent on the web accessibility front! My latest article New Accessibility Guidelines: A Welcomed Update was published yesterday (and I totally failed to make note of it here) at Practical eCommerce magazine. This is part one of a four part series reviewing each of the four guiding principles as described in WCAG […]

WebAIM Survey on Screen Reader Usage

WebAIM has just published the preliminary results of a survey of screen reader users. With over 1,100 respondents — among whom over 1,000 used a screen reader due to a disability — the survey shows promise of revealing an interesting and valuable perspective on the practical usage of screen readers among disabled populations. Obviously, no survey is perfect — but observing the overall scope of responses can effectively expose some aspects of screen reader usage. In fact, the preliminary results […]

Minimum Color Contrast Ratio Changed in WCAG 2

In the final release of WCAG 2, the acceptable minimum color contrast ratio was changed from 5:1 to 4.5:1. I’ve updated both my color contrast tests — Color Contrast Comparison Tool and the Color Contrast Spectrum Tool to reflect the change in contrast ratio. What does this change mean? Essentially, this means that the working group decided that color combinations with lower contrast (more similar colors) were acceptable for general use on the web. This is certainly good news for […]

WCAG 2 Reaches Recommendation Status

It’s been a long time coming, but as of today the standards of accessibility expressed in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are officially updated. A W3C recommendation is the most final state a document can reach in the W3C standards system, and should now be considered the standard document for accessibility, superceding WCAG 1. A W3C Recommendation is a specification or set of guidelines that, after extensive consensus-building, has received the endorsement of W3C Members and the Director. W3C recommends […]

New article at Practical eCommerce

Published today: Accessibility: Making Video and Audio Usable For The Deaf at Practical eCommerce magazine. To summarize, the article is intended to demonstrate the value of creating alternate versions of video or audio resources which go beyond simply reproducing the content — developing alternatives which themselves contain a more visceral, appealing style.

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