Update to Color Contrast Tester

Example of test output of color contrast tester.

So, I originally wrote my color contrast evaluator in September of 2008. Now, 5 years later, there are some key differences that merit an update. Visit the Color Contrast Tester In 2008, support for rgba color was virtually nonexistent on the web. Accounting for transparency was only something you needed to do with images. Mobile devices were something to consider, but it wasn’t that big of a deal – if a tool wasn’t mobile friendly, that was really the norm. […]

Stop WordPress Spam with BotSmasher


My latest WordPress plug-in is now released: BotSmasher, a plug-in to stop spam by filtering WordPress comments, registrations, and contact form submissions. This project owes a lot to Karl Groves, who developed and maintains the BotSmasher API. So, what can you do with the BotSmasher WordPress plug-in? Well, the obvious: filtering comments and registrations. The plug-in takes user-submitted comments and registrations, checks them against the BotSmasher database of spam names, emails, and IP addresses, and spits them back out if […]

Designing Accessible Navigation

Building an accessible website is a holistic endeavor. In order to provide easy access to the information on each page, myriad factors must be considered. One of the chief amongst these is the creation of accessible navigation. Whether considering business logic or a principled perspective on web design, enabling the site user to move within your pages is of key importance. This article will describe the principles of accessible navigation and demonstrate ways to create it using CSS and XHTML. […]

Taking over GrayBit.com

Mike Cherim and Jonathan Fenocchi, creators of the GrayBit service for showing a site design converted into grayscale, needed to move on. The time and expense of maintaining GrayBit was too much – and since Mike Cherim has moved out of the web development and accessibility world, it was necessary to make some changes. They recently shut down GrayBit.com, not having received any word that anybody wanted to take the site over. I was too late to save the domain, […]

Speaking at WordCamp MSP on April 27th

WordCamp Minneapolis 2013

It’s official – I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Minneapolis 2013 on April 27th, talking about WordPress and Accessibility. Speaking locally is pretty rare for me, so I’m really looking forward to meeting some other local WordPress people at the event. Oh, and the learning. That, too. The official description of my talk, in the ‘Continuing Education’ track, is: Covers a wide range of accessibility topics including but not limited to implementing best practice accessibility in theme building, discussing current progress […]

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