Think like a human; code like a computer

Writing a website is a complex task. The website needs to cater to the very human needs of it’s visitors, but also requires a certain amount of consideration for it’s non-human visitors: web browsers of all sorts, search engine spiders, or any piece of software which gathers information from the internet. These two aspects can’t easily be separated: humans are using computers to interface with your web-based information, so the information received by your visitor is biased by the device […]

When to Incorporate Accessibility

There’s no question that I’m going to advocate incorporating accessibility at the beginning of development in this brief article. I am, after all, approaching this question from the perspective that no site should ever be developed without taking accessibility into account. However, there are unquestionably millions of websites out there which have already failed to consider disabled populations, so building new accessible sites is certainly not the only work to be done. Accessibility isn’t really all that difficult, in the […]

Are accessibility sites fatally flawed?

These are articles that you need to read: Mike Davies: BarCamp London Accessibility Panel Thoughts Mike Davies is a great writer with some very refined thoughts about web accessibility. He also has some very strong opinions against universality. In this article, he describes what he perceives as a need for the accessibility community to create a strong voice which will discuss accessibility while completely excluding universality. Mike Cherim: Failed? Fundamentally Flawed? Mike Cherim responds to Davies comments. Although agreeing with […]

Accessibility Podcast at WebAxe

Dennis Lembree and Ross Johnson run a podcast on practical web accessibility called WebAxe. Dennis and Russ aim to cover a wide variety of subjects in the basic of web accessibility. Their last podcast discussed the accessibility of CAPTCHAs – and the next podcast up, for whatever reason, discusses me. Well, not precisely. More specifically, it features an interview with me on the subject of the definition of accessibility – a topic which I’ve written on before. It’s not a […]

Video Accessibility Problems

Article updated August 11, 2011 Updated links Added tools section Extended information about caption support Miscellaneous text edits In our Web 2.0 times it seems like video sharing has become a social media giant. I can certainly see why – it’s exciting and novel to be able to transmit these magical moving images across time and space! Well, OK…if you put it that way, it’s not all that new. It is, however, spectacularly easy to do today — and that […]

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