My Calendar Admin Notice

Admin Notice: The showkey, shownav, showjump, and toggle shortcode attributes have been deprecated. Use above and below instead. If you’ve recently upgraded My Calendar to version 2.2.0, you may be seeing this notice at the top of your public calendar. This is because I’ve introduced a change in version 2.2.0, and although those four shortcode attributes will continue to work for now, I do intend to remove them completely down the road — so I need people to stop using […]

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Update to My Calendar: version 2.2.0

After over 3 months since my last release in the 2.1 series for My Calendar, I’m finally ready to release the next version of My Calendar. There are a lot of changes in this new version — and I think they represent some distinct improvements. The complete list of changes can be seen in the Change log. That document goes through every change of substance I made. However, some of the more key items include: Basic event search: It’s not […]

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Using a shortcode to fetch WordPress plug-in information

I may have a low threshold for managing information, but I find that with seven plug-ins in the WordPress repository it’s a struggle to keep my local information on those plug-ins always up to date. I have a page here about each plug-in, and it’s not uncommon that I’ll publish an update and go to check my local information just to find that my own page on that plug-in is six months out of date… One way to keep that […]

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Accessibility Percolation

After a trip to a great accessibility conference like CSUN, I inevitably end up with massive lists of great ideas for things I could work on to promote and improve accessibility. It is equally inevitable that I will forget some of these and fail to complete others — but documentation helps. Coming out of the conference, here are a few of the great ideas I’ve talked about with other people here or just had pop into my brain without warning. […]

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Custom WordPress Screen Options

For my next (still forthcoming) version of my WordPress calendar plugin, My Calendar, I had a need to add custom screen options to a couple of editing screens. Now, there’s a great tutorial on adding screen options by Chris Marslender that I found very useful. It is, however, incomplete. Now, if what you want to do is add one basic control, that tutorial is definitely going to get you where you need to go. It’s simple, straightforward, and accurate. However, […]

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