Contemplating “read more” links

Web accessibility guidelines stipulate that links need to provide context for meaning; but they also stipulate that link text needs to be unique when it leads to a new resource. Under Success Criterion 2.4.4, a read more link after an excerpt of the post would be meaningful, because the context provides information about what the link does. But when generating a list of links, “read more” links produce a long series of links with the same text and different destinations, […]

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The Visual-only icon problem

This is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately, and it’s got to stop. This illustrates the use of icon fonts. Now, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with icon fonts; but there’s frequently something wrong with how they’re used. In this particular case, these are two links, used to toggle a particular preference. You can tab to them and activate them from the keyboard, which is great. However, other than experimentation, there’s no way to know what they are. As a […]

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Accessible Video in WordPress

Accessible Video Library post creation screen

Since version 3.6, WordPress has incorporated the MediaElementJS library in core to handle the output of video files. It’s a great library — it has support for captions and subtitles; support for chapters; support for fallback formats of video; support for YouTube; keyboard support — everything you’d want to have for displaying video accessibly. That’s totally exciting! But there’s a “but”. WordPress manages media through the media manager, which doesn’t offer any way to associate caption and subtitle files with […]

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Taking over

Mike Cherim and Jonathan Fenocchi, creators of the GrayBit service for showing a site design converted into grayscale, needed to move on. The time and expense of maintaining GrayBit was too much – and since Mike Cherim has moved out of the web development and accessibility world, it was necessary to make some changes. They recently shut down, not having received any word that anybody wanted to take the site over. I was too late to save the domain, […]

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Accessibility: An Integrated Workflow

Whenever I update an application on my iOS or Android devices, I feel a certain nervousness about whether the learning I’ve put into the current app will go out the window. The same is true about any software: is my user interface learning going to become obsolete with this update? When it comes to major software, like moving to Windows 8, you must expect major updates. But it can be maddening to update an app you’re working with on daily […]

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