Translator Credits

I appreciate everybody who’s contributed to the internationalization of my plug-ins. If you are one of these people, you can add a brief bio by logging in at the WordPress site that manages my translators. If you’d like to become a translator, contact me and request an account.

My Awesome Plug-in Translators

  • Adrian Tamasan (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Ale Gonzalez (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Alexandre Carvalho (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Alphonse Philippe (Contributor to My Content Management)
  • Amir Khalilnejad (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Aurelio De Rosa (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Carlos Farias (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Caroline Valdenaire (Contributor to Content Progress)
  • Daniel Hoffman (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Dario Nunez (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Dejan Knezevic (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Dirk Ginader (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Else Hobye (Contributor to BotSmasher, My Calendar)
  • Evren Erten (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Florian Edelmann (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • FxB (Contributor to WP to Twitter, WP Tweets PRO)

    Translation is my hobby, make it a living is my plan. I translate but also check and code the missing i18n() functions in your plugins or themes. So if you need someone who cares about quality work, get in touch. Many developers are already trusting me, Joe of course but also Yoast, Pippin and the Wysija Team...

  • Geert Janssen (Contributor to WP to Twitter)

    caffeine addict single malt afficionado death metalhead :) IT-professional (just a hobby website full of heavy metal news ;) )

  • Gero (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Gianni Diurno (Contributed external translation(s))
  • giksi (Contributor to My Calendar, My Calendar)
  • Heinz Ochsner (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Ilze Mikelsone (Contributed external translation(s))
  • Jacek Zadrozny (Contributor to WP Accessibility)

    Accessibility evangelist in far far away country

  • Jakob Smith (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • James Vallad (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Janez Feldin (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Joachim Weber (Contributor to My Content Management)
  • Julien Casanova (Contributor to Accessible Video Library)
  • Juliette (Contributor to My Content Management, My Calendar)
  • Kalle Lahtinen (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Kazuyuki Kumai (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Kim Hansen (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Klaus Thiesing (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Laurent Duretz (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Luana (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Maciej Poczek (Contributed external translation(s))
  • maks (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Massimo Poli (Contributor to WP to Twitter, My Calendar)
  • Massimo Sgobino (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Michael Lemken (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Miha Rihar (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Mohd Hafiz Baharudin (Contributor to Content Progress)
  • Mohsen Aghaei (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Nikolay (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Nir Rosenbaum (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Olivier (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Omar Florido (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • oscar (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Oscar (Contributor to Content Progress)
  • Petros Filippidis (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Rafael Minuesa (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • Rashid Niamat (Contributor to WP to Twitter, My Calendar)
  • Rian Rietveld (Contributor to WP Accessibility)

    WordPress coder from the Netherlands, focussing on accessibility.

  • Richard (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Risto Kohonen (Contributor to My Calendar)

    Translator ENG-FI.

  • Spookey (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Susana Caixinha (Contributor to WP Accessibility)
  • taak (Contributor to My Calendar)

    Japanese Programer. Love to play basketball and watch NBA.

  • Tim (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Ton Jense (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Torbjorn Hobbel (Contributor to My Calendar)
  • Vedar Ozdemir (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Vikas Arora (Contributed external translation(s))
  • Viviana Menzel (Contributor to WP to Twitter)
  • Wim Strijbos (Contributor to My Calendar)

Only translators with accounts in my GlotPress system who have contributed translations are listed.

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