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What can WP Tweets PRO do for you? It takes the great Tweeting abilities from WP to Twitter and turns them up to eleven: publish to unique Twitter accounts for each site author; schedule up to 3 re-posts of Tweets at an interval of your choice; and, with a delay between publishing and Tweeting, check your tweets before they’re shared with your followers.

Go to the next level with a developer’s license for multiple web sites — only $99.00!

Sophisticated, customizable Tweeting options

  • Delay Tweets after your post goes live (whoops! didn’t mean to publish yet!)
  • Automatically re-post your Tweet up to three times after publishing.
  • Use a custom template – or fully customized text – each time a Tweet is re-posted.
  • Filter Tweets by categories, tags, or any other custom taxonomy.
  • Help your authors post to their own Twitter accounts, as well as yours
  • Let trusted users select what Twitter accounts to post to
  • Upload featured or attached images to Twitter
  • Tweet your comments – after moderation or for trusted commenters (with approved comments).
  • Configure individual post tags to use as hashtags (#), stock tags ($), or to just ignore.
  • Tweet to your Twitter account and an author’s account — or lock it down to your chosen accounts.
  • Use post tags to dynamically replace words in your title or excerpt with hashtags!
  • Write and schedule a custom Tweet at any time – without editing your posts.
  • Set a blackout period, so automatically scheduled Tweets never go out in the middle of the night.
  • Write custom filters to block Tweets according to your own chosen rules.
  • Support for Twitter Cards

Advanced Tweet management options

  • View all scheduled tweets, with the option to delete them individually or clear the queue completely.
  • View all past tweets stored by WP to Twitter with a quick link to repost any old tweet to Twitter.
  • View the error log of any failed Tweets

WP Tweets Pro: Requirements

More Add-ons and Resources for WP to Twitter

Need some help or want to learn more about WP Tweets PRO? Download the User’s Guide!. The User’s Guide covers all the essential features of WP Tweets PRO and WP to Twitter. 24 pages, PDF.

Trying to figure out how to extend WP Tweets PRO? Download an example plug-in! These are simple plug-ins (the longest only encompasses 12 lines of code), and many of them can be used with only a tiny tweak to do exactly what you want.

  • Alternate Tweet Schedule — Change the re-post cycle so that your 3 reposts happen at inequal intervals. This example sets the first repost at 12 hours, the second at 2 days, and the third after a week.
  • Custom Post Filter – Filter your Tweets based on custom data submitted in the $_POST array. This example filters posts when using PolyLang, so that only the English language version will be Tweeted.
  • Editor Power – Grant your Editors the ability to access all the WP Tweets PRO settings and related screens.
  • Filter by Author and Category – Block a post only if it’s both in a specific set of categories and by a specific author.
  • Filter to Author by Category – Two examples in one! Either remove the main account for posts made in a subset of categories or specify which authors to Tweet to based on the categories selected.
  • Randomized Delay – Instead of having each post delayed by a set amount, randomize the delay. This example randomizes it between 1 and 30 minutes.
  • Tags as Cashtags – Mostly posting financial tags? Default your tags to $cashtags instead of #hashtags.
  • Hashtags in Titles – Want to insert hashtags in your post titles but not from your post tags? Supply a custom list of terms to replace with hashtags.
  • qTranslate: Just one Title – qTranslate embeds the title for all languages into the title field. This add-on parses that out so that only the primary title will be posted to Twitter.

What you get with WP Tweets PRO

A life time, single-site license to WP Tweets Pro. Access to your account where you can log-in and download updates whenever they’re available — you’ll also be able to update automatically from inside your WordPress installation, just like with any other plug-in.

Support. I provide prompt, personal support. You can submit a support request through the form built-in to your WP Tweets PRO settings page, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. I’m just one guy; so I can’t promise 24-7 immediate responses — but I can promise you that your support will come from the person who knows the plug-in better than anybody else! You also get access to my private plug-in support forums.

For $99.00

An unlimited site license – use WP Tweets Pro on as many sites as you want!

WP Tweets Pro (Developer License): USD $99.00 for an unlimited license.

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All sales have a no-hassle, no-questions asked 7-day refund policy. Doesn’t do what you need? Hey, that’s fine. Need support? Drop me a line.

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