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February 28, 2006

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Although I have to say I don’t care much for their brand name, Dumbfind has certainly got an interesting idea. This new search engine, currently in Beta, is offering a subtly different advertising scheme for contextual advertising.

Their product is designed around the popular "taggin" which is done for blog posts on Technorati, for links on Ma.gnolia and “Del.icio.us and for images with Flickr. The idea is that you pick a few tags for you advertisement, and your ads will be delivered to sites and search results pages which are related to those tags.

Unlike all the sites I mention above, the tags at Dumbfind will not be produced by human decision – instead, the search engine will automatically analyze the sites and apply tags.

For the advertiser, the advantage is that you will not be picking specific keywords where your ad will only be shown for that set of searches. Instead, you can pick a few tags that are relevant to your product and have all searches which results in pages with those tags bring up your ad.

If the Dumbfind tagging algorithm really works, this could be a great product. If not, well . . . there are a lot of search engines, and a lot of great ideas at the feet of crumbled businesses. The biggest question for me is how carefully they’ll be able to protect against spam sites – it all comes down to their tagging algorithm.

While in Beta, the site is offering a promotional deal for free ads. Any free ad created during this promotional period will last for 60 days – at no charge. It can hardly hurt to experiment with the site right now!

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