Major Issues in Web Development News

February 14, 2006

Topics: Accessibility, News.

Right now, there are three major developments progressing in web industry news right now. The first, issues of privacy and censorship, has received an incredible amount of press. I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing this, because I’ve already discussed these issues extensively in the other blog I write for, at InterDigital Strategies.

The second is the issue of net
neutrality. Net neutrality is, fundamentally, the principle that the internet will not leverage control over the content that passes through the system. I’m going to be examining this issue, since open access to the networks which constitue the world wide web is certainly pertinent to overall issues of web accessibility.

The most recent big issue to come up is the recent accessibility lawsuit against Target Corporation, which has a number of interesting facets. I’ll be following this lawsuit closely, since it may have a significant long term impact on the importance of accessible web design for private industry within the United States.