Will alternate search engines be viable challengers?

February 13, 2006

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A hot topic in the Search Engine Industry is whether the next Google is currently being formed in some embryonic start-up. In addition to Kosmix, which I referenced last week, there are numerous other upstarts.

One common development idea is the industry or topical search engine – new search engines which are specific to particular areas of search where they can specialize and provide much deeper and current information than Google, Yahoo, or MSN are able to manage.

Zillow is one such search engine invading the Real Estate industry. They’ve come under fire from real estate agents who are concerned that Zillow may have the same damaging effect on their business as travel sites had on travel agents. This suggests they may have a chance. (Zillow is a Beta service at this writing, so their data may not be complete.)

Other potential competitors include Snap, which tracks clickstream data to determine which sites web users actually spend time on, Biggerboat, specializing in entertainment (not yet public), and still conceptual engines such as Quaero, a project of tech developers and European governments aiming to compete with Google. And of course there are many others, including Krugle, a search engine for code – competing with Koders.com, in the same search realm.

All this says is that there is still a long way to go in the development of the search engine market. Technological development is non-stop, and the next brilliant idea may be just around the corner.

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