$10,000 Blogosphere Challenge

March 1, 2006

Topics: Blogging.

John Scott always provides a colorful appraisal of search engine marketing and the blogosphere. Most recently, he’s launched yet another financially lucrative contest encouraging
bloggers to link
outside the "A-list" paradigm. As a below-the-radar "D-list" type blog, I can’t help but encourage this plan!

The aim is to encourage bloggers to link to somebody other than the technorati top 100 blogs. These industry leading blogs aren’t necessarily more brilliant, intuitive, or revealing than any other blog – they’ve just attained a sufficient level of visibility where more people are aware of them and reading them.

One of the core problems with trying to cope with blogs outside of the so-called "A-list" is that below the elite 100 you run smack into the mob of 10 million – which provides a lot of chaff to wade through. So, I anticipate that this won’t have a huge effect on the blogging of ground-level individuals and business like this one – but may have an impact on those blogs which fall just below the radar.

But who knows? It can’t hurt to raise awareness of a few well-written and thoughtful blogs which have previously languished in (relative) obscurity. It certainly does make me think about where I’ll be linking to – I can think of a number of blogs I read on a somewhat regular basis which probably wouldn’t be hurt by a link!

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2 Comments to “$10,000 Blogosphere Challenge”

  1. Of course, with the millions of blogs out there, it just stands to reason that there are brilliant posts without thousands of readers . . . sad, ain’t it?

  2. Well explained. I think that some of the best blog posts are not on the top technorati blogs, they are hidden somewhere on a few interesting and funny blogs not many know about. So I believe this challenge is great. Go uncover some hidden treasures!