Mojeek for y’all?

March 6, 2006

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Although I have no idea what the name might mean, Mojeek does seem to have something interesting to offer the world of search. Although the search engine is currently in a very beta stage of development, it does give indications of some neat ideas to come.

The engine clearly appears to be independent. In fact, it seems to be a single person’s basement project. His name is Marc. That’s really all I can learn – although there’s an article about the search engine at
, it doesn’t mention anything about the creator. Pandia itself is something I’ve only become aware of due to their information about Mojeek.

So it’s clearly a relatively unknown tool. And, for the time being, justifiably so.
Although the engine seems to have some good ideas, they aren’t yet available in the public beta. The SERP‘s are
definitely different than other engines, on the basis of my vanity search test.

One thing I noticed, unfortunately, was that their crawl was at least two months old. Not too cool. It’s great that the engine is running their own spider, but they don’t seem to have the computing power to keep up.

I’m not the only one to have noticed this new search engine – Phil Bradley commented
on it’s basic features
a few weeks ago, but had little to say.

The Pandia article gives some additional information concerning Mojeek’s advanced and personal search options. Advanced search bears some similarity to Google’s advanced search page – but is clearly simpler. It’s obvious that Mojeek has the goal of keeping things very clear and easy. One special feature from Mojeek, which I haven’t seen before, is the option to try your search with different algorithms.

Unfortunately, these algorithms are not provided with anything like a descriptive label. You can search using the following algorithms: "default&quot, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Call me unexcited. I can’t readily judge the value of an algorithm’s results if I don’t have any idea what difference is expected – and I don’t really feel like trying to guess. The idea is sound – just a few more words would be great! I did try these alternate searches – and there’s no question that they return different results – I’m just unsure what was being changed.

What really seems valuable is Mojeek’s personal search options. However, these are currently closed to the public – and I haven’t inquired about the beta test. Regardless, the personal search options claim to offer you the ability to customize all ranking parameters, specify your exact choice of searches, share your index, and even retrieve results in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format.

There’s no indication that Mojeek has any intention of monetizing their service – the search engine proclaims loudly their lack of advertising, but at some point the site
will need to monetize if it’s ever likely to get beyond these currently lackluster results.

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