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April 17, 2006

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Having been in correspondence with the creator of, it’s only natural that he’d get back to me with his responses to my article. In general, it seems he found my comments to be salient and useful. Always gratifying to be useful! At any rate, I’m including his comments with the relevant quotes from my own article, unedited:

However, it would be very valuable if Mojeek could add a Lushe-like bookmarklet to add sites to your site search.

Marc: I’ve not come across before but will check it out properly later. Having a bookmarklet like they do is a great idea and I will look into that definitely.

I’m also concerned by the fact that you can’t add unindexed sites to your list – as I commented in my previous article, the Mojeek index was far from being the most current available, and one site I tried to add (this one) was not yet indexed.

Marc: The ability to add unindexed sites will be available soon! Also, which will not be immediately noticeable, sites listed within personal search accounts will get crawled and refreshed more often, hopefully making the feature even more useful.

Finally, it would be very useful to be able to establish more than one personalized search. At the moment, it appears that one user is associated with one personalized search – but I would consider it quite reasonable that I would want more than one personalized group of sites.

Marc: You can have multiple accounts if you like but adding multiple groups to the same account is more complicated but I will take note and look into it as that’s a good idea.

Marc: The phrase "Edit Listed Sites" isn’t crystal clear to me, as it doesn’t specify the purpose for the listing – perhaps "Edit Personal Search" would be more clear. However, it’s far from being a major point of concern.

The one thing I would want to change about the interface is that you cannot access your personal search from the main Mojeek home page.

Marc: Both points taken and I’ll consider changing the phrases to something more obvious and adding a link to the home page, although the idea was that people would use their own personal search page rather than the main Mojeek page.

It’s also worth noting that one advantage of the Mojeek personal search is the ability to use it as a site search tool. If you selected only your own site as the selected site, it will act effectively to search your site. However, this tool will only becoming truly useful if the indexing rate speeds up sufficiently to keep a current index.

Marc: You can also do site searches by appending & to the search url (or using the advanced search page), once searching a site the search boxes will have the option to search that site again..
Although the advantage of having it listed in a personal search is that the site will be refreshed more often.

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