Changing your Time Zone for Google

May 5, 2006

Topics: Google.

It’s important to note that your account time zone can be set only once, so please choose wisely!


Search Engine Watch recently made note of the new option to set your account time zone in Google Adwords. I’d further mention that this option also applies to Google Analytics accounts. I’d also like to mention that I’m really not very happy about the inability to change your account time zone.

Is this system truly so complex that this factor, once set, cannot be altered?
I appreciate the idea that I can set a time zone and view my statistics using one baseline relevant to myself. But choosing a time zone is not an easy matter – do I base it on where I am now, knowing that I’m living here temporarily? No. How about my next place of living, where I’ll be living for at least 3 years – but possibly not longer. Maybe. What about further on? Ouch!

Part of the greatness of the internet is that location is only partially applicable for a given business – and I’d prefer, on the whole, to monitor my statistics using the baseline of my current location. Or, alternately, monitoring all my statistics based purely on Greenwich Mean for the sake of simplicity…

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