Emmy Awards: Alternate media

May 1, 2006

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For anybody who thinks that mobile and internet content isn’t going anywhere, a post from the Ask.com team on the 2006 Daytime Emmy Awards exposes the possibility of some notable success. Ask pointed out a brand new category of Emmy – the award for "original entertainment programming created specifically for non-traditional viewing platforms, including computers, mobile phones, iPods, PDAs and similar devices". Although wordy, this new award clearly covers a wide variety of new media formats. How long do you think it might be until this grand "catch-all" category is further divided into individual awards?

As the world of alternate media grows, the likelihood of greater audiences and notice grows alongside. The variety of nominees for this award is incredible – everything from the TV offshoot of a popular drama series to a video blog describing the day-to-day events of "Jerry" to unique online adventure game/story.

The Emmy awards are no longer exclusive to television. But that’s only fair – popular media is no longer exclusive to major media publishers in general! If you have a brilliant idea and a little time, you can publish your thoughts, opinions, stories, and video or audio recordings online at minimal cost.

And, of course, so can everybody else.

I suppose that this is the core reason that internet marketing exists. As long as only a few thousand tech geeks were using this strange new technology "online", the world of internet marketing was irrelevant. But today, when major corporations are producing web-only or mobile device customized media, you’re going to need a lot of thought and planning to make your own online presence viable. Yes, anybody can publish – but publishing is not the same as success.

It’s important to think of the internet as having a relationship to the world of vanity publishing. It’s always been the case that anybody could publish a book if they had the money and the desire – the internet has merely rendered this task easier and cheaper.

Once you’ve taken your business online, you need to spend the time and effort to convince the world that your venture is more than just a vanity affair – do the work involved to create valuable content, useful tools or provide a great product.

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