Matt Cutts’ pre-vacation planning

May 17, 2006

Topics: Search Marketing.

Matt Cutts’ schedule, week of May 15th:

Matt Cutts has been a very busy man recently…

When somebody with as prominent a position in the blogosphere as Matt Cutts announces his vacation, maybe we should expect some bombshells in the information pool preceding the trip. Matt’s interviews and recent blog posts have certainly managed to provide plenty of food for thought in the next few days.

I was intrigued by his discussion with Mike Grehan on the concept of the "sandbox". It seems that the sandbox is significantly related to the concept of "trust". Google’s indexing process is closely related to their ranking process – when they trust a site, they index it more rapidly. This, naturally, applies to new sites just as well as older pages.

If you can build buzz for your site early – gain the trust and support of your industry quickly – then you can gain indexing and rank in Google quickly. If you are slower to develop your marketing prominence, then you’ll be indexed later.

In my mind, this is a great way of reducing the impact of spam on the web. No serious webspam is going to take the time or money to market their business so that they can gain industry trust. (And what is industry trust in the webspam industry, anyhow?)
It does have a potentially harmful effect on very small businesses – those without the resources or knowledge to build buzz.

However, as Matt also mentions (again), Google applies over 100 factors to ranking a website – no one element is critical. It’s the knowledge and ability to apply marketing leverage to these factors which makes search marketing valuable.

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