Joe Clark Needs Your Help

November 10, 2006

Topics: Accessibility, News.

Joe Clark Micropatronage Project

Joe Clark, web accessibility and captioning guru, is looking for funding: for himself ($7,777) and for the Open and Closed Project ($7,000,000). He doesn’t expect you to donate to the latter, particularly. (If you’ve got a spare million, he’d probably listen to your offer, though.)

However, the $7,777 would sustain him for four months while he dedicates his time to searching out funding for the full project.
The goals of the Open and Closed Project have little to do with web accessibility. There are peripheral relationships, but the principal goals of the project are as follows:

  • Write standards for four fields of accessibility — captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing.
  • Develop training and certification programs for these four fields.
  • Work on a universal file format for these four fields of accessibility.
  • Design and test new fonts for captioning and subtitling.

The project is estimated to require four years and $7,000,000 dollars: and the first step is to find that funding. (Well, actually Joe’s been working on the project for four years already, apparently: so really this is the “step after all of Joe’s previous steps.”)

At any rate, he’s looking for support. It’s a worthwhile project, and there aren’t many who know the subject better than Joe Clark. Read what he’s asking. Consider donating.