WP to Twitter Updated to OAuth

August 16, 2010

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Well, it’s a day for updates. Today was (at one point) the deadline for Twitter to permanently disable Basic authentication. The date has now been extended to August 31st, but the difference isn’t really significant.

The one benefit which it will provide is a little extra time to debug the new OAuth version of WP to Twitter before it becomes the only working version.

There are a lot of complications surrounding the OAuth update — most of them unfortunate. For the first time since I began work on this plugin, I had to remove features. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to operate two separate user accounts with an OAuth authenticated application, for example. As a result, I’ve had to remove the ability to assign separate author accounts for Twitter posting. As development progresses, a way forward may show up — but for now, I just don’t really have another option.

My biggest request at this time: if you can, please decide you’re willing to use this version now, to provide me with feedback so it will work as well as it possibly can when all past versions cease to be functional.

There will be problems; I’m sure of it. I just hope to find them all soon enough.

105 Comments to “WP to Twitter Updated to OAuth”

  1. @Jeremy I have the same issue as Duerrbi, and don’t have a page that looks like the one in your screen grab.

  2. Question here, what URL (Uniform Resource Locator) am I supposed to be using? I’ve tried my Twitter and my blog address and it says it’s invalid. Any thoughts?

  3. I am getting the error:” OAuth Authentication Failed. Check your credentials and verify that Twitter is running.”

    I have checked and double checked the tokens. They look correct. Is there any log where I could see what the more specific problem is?

  4. hi,

    i tried creating an application for twitter tools, if it works the same way in your plugin also the sorry news is twitter is blocking most of the new applications created after a couple of days.

  5. i can’t activate the “curl_init” on my Webspace. Is that the only way how this plugin works? I would like to use it. But my provider allows me to not have this function.

  6. Is not working on mine!
    Fatal error: Class ‘OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1’ not found!

  7. @Duerrbi After finding your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, click on the “My Access Token” link on the right side menu. Here’s a picture pointing it out: http://bit.ly/9MeNlK

  8. Hey Joe: I’m getting the same error that one of the Davids described: “Fatal error: Class ‘OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1’ not found in /home/server/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-to-twitter/twitterOAuth.php on line 61”. I’m using a shared hosting server. How might I go about describing the problem to my host?

  9. I’ve just updated to beta 4, configured everything, and when I hit on “check support”, the output is:
    “This plugin may not fully work in your server environment. The plugin failed to contact both a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener API (Application Programming Interface) and the Twitter service API.”

    Everything was working fine before, my site runs on Apache, PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) version 5.2.12.

  10. Dude, I found the problem.
    I use “Twit Connect” and probably it makes conflict with Wp-To-Twitter because both are using oauth.

  11. 3. Copy and paste your Access Token and Access Token Secret into the fields below

    On the right hand side of your application page, click on ‘My Access Token’.

    Access Token

    Access Token Secret

    I can’t find anything like an an access token string on my twitter’s application site

  12. Thank you!! Fixed 🙂

  13. In case everyone was wondering, Application Name: WP-to-

  14. Hi, Joe.
    I installed WordPress 3.0.1 and the host I’m using has PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) 5.2.10

  15. Hey there,
    I just installed Version 2.2.0 (beta 4) (Word Press 3.0.1), and am still getting the blank page (with header and sidebar visible) when I attempt to connect to Twitter. I’ve tried testing the “Check Support” button, but I’m informed that I have not connected to Twitter.

    I went to the Twitter developer page and tried getting a new consumer key, but that didn’t help.

    Thanks Joe for all of your rapid support on this issue.

  16. Sorry, you can delete my comment. It was a prob with another plugin I updated at the same time. In this way, I think the beta4 works fine and publishs the tweets correctly, too.

  17. One more Problem: White Screen with the activated wp->twitter beta3 or beta4 plugin after publish or update a post. But all changes are saved in the database, post is published, etc. …
    I use WP 3.0.1 – all works fine since updating wp->twitter

  18. @Alf Thanks for that information – knowing that the problem is with the templates in specific, rather than with the tag replacement is an extremely valuable piece of information.

    @Miki If you need it to be functioning, feel free to downgrade to 2.1.3 and wait for more bugs to be worked out in this version.

    @Crystal It looks like you need to upgrade to PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) 5. Your hosting service should have a mechanism to enable this, or you can contact their support services.

    @Bryan I’m not sure why that contributor’s post wouldn’t have posted, but I’ll look into that.

  19. Follow-Up: Updates work fine too, if I manually fill in the twitter message field or use the approbiate tags in there. If I trust on the config ( Edit: #title# – #post# #url# ) only the hashtags are shown.

  20. For new Blogposts everthing works fine. But for Updates, the Tweets only contain the hashtags. No Post-Title, Abstract or Post-Url as configured. That worked fine in previous versions.