My Calendar User Guide

The power of a fully armed & operational calendar

The My Calendar User’s Guide is in the process of being completely rewritten and converted to a public documentation website. If you still choose to purchase it, I certainly appreciate your support. The public manual will release simultaneously with My Calendar 3.3.0.

My Calendar is the most customizable calendar plug-in for WordPress you’re going to find. When you’re managing events with My Calendar, you can customize almost every aspect of your calendar.

In addition to providing a huge variety of event management tools, My Calendar lets you:

  • Use a custom design by editing your styles or providing your own
  • Replace the built-in jQuery-driven scripting
  • Custom event templates for your events in all types of displays:
    • Display as a list of dates
    • Show your events in traditional full-width calendar grid
    • Use a reduced-size sidebar calendar
    • In lists of upcoming or recent events
    • A list of just today’s events
  • Add custom fields to your events
  • Retrieve events from a remote location

For the novice, intermediate, or advanced user, this book gives tips on editing the My Calendar stylesheets. It guides you through every aspect of how the plug-in works to support your business — from the event creation work flow, design documentation, and into the advanced customization available for creating custom templates, using the data API (Application Programming Interface), or adding custom fields to your calendar.

For the advanced WordPress user, this user’s guide gives you great documentation on the tools My Calendar provides so you can make My Calendar into Your Calendar.

My Calendar for WordPress is a free plug-in; buying this user’s guide will help support the time it takes for me to make it better. Thank you!

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What you get when you buy the My Calendar User’s Guide

First: my gratitude. This guide exists because I’d rather spend my time developing and improving My Calendar than in answering support questions — if this guide answers your questions, that’s a great solution for both of us! I also hope that it will serve to answer questions that you haven’t even thought of yet, showing you the breadth of options for using My Calendar.

But more simply, you get the PDF (Portable Document Format) of the My Calendar’s User Guide (almost 100 pages of supporting information for users and developers). In addition to the current guide, you will get free updates to the guide whenever they come available. I will send no other marketing materials to you. You can download the latest version of the manual at any time – when you purchase, you’ll get a username and log-in to come back and get the updated version.

Your privacy is important to me: I will never sell your contact information or use that information for any other purpose besides providing you with updates to the My Calendar User’s Guide.

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User’s Guide last updated June 21st, 2020 for My Calendar version 3.2.0.