My Content Management User Guide

My Content Management for WordPress is a powerful plug-in for managing custom post types and custom fields. The power of the plug-in is in its flexibility for developers, rather than a complicated user interface.


Why should I buy the guide?

There’s enough information built into the plug-in’s settings pages for you to figure out how to use the basic aspects of the plug-in. Buying this guide teaches you the real power available when you need richly complex ways of showing custom post information.

This user’s guide covers a wide range of subjects, but focuses on working with shortcodes, templating, and custom theming to maximize your ability to customize the information on your web site. The information will help everybody from a novice WordPress user, to the intermediate or even advanced user.

My Content Management for WordPress is a free plug-in; buying this user’s guide helps support the many hours I spend improving it!

More information is available about My Content Management – but you’ll get the best information (short of buying the book) by downloading and installing the plug-in. Install it, experiment, see what you can do!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to My Content Management and Custom Post Types
  2. How to use My Content Management
    1. Shortcodes
    2. Theme Templates
    3. Widgets
    4. Custom search
  3. How to extend My Content Management
    1. Custom styles
    2. Custom scripting
    3. Custom filters

What you get with the My Content Management User’s Guide

First, my gratitude. One of the reasons the guide exists is because I’d rather spend my time developing and improving my WordPress plug-ins than spend it answering support questions — if this guide answers your questions, that’s fabulous! I also hope it will answer questions you haven’t even thought of yet, by showing you the range of possibilities available with My Content Management.

More simply, you get the PDF (Portable Document Format) of the My Content Management User’s Guide (36 pages of supporting information for users and developers). In addition to the current guide, you’re entitled to free updates to the guide whenever they come available.

Getting a guide update is something you can do on your own time and in your own way — buying the guide gives you an account on this site, and you can log in to your account to download the most current version of the book at any time.

I will send no marketing materials to you, ever. If you want to hear about what’s new for my ongoing WordPress Plug-in development, subscribe to my blog feed for WordPress or follow me on Twitter!

Your privacy is important to me: I will never sell your contact information or use that information for any other purpose besides providing you with updates to the My Content Management User’s Guide.