Current Version: 1.1.1
Requires: 4.0
Tested to: 4.4.15
Last updated: 2016-01-16 11:44pm GMT

Got spam? BotSmasher wants to fix that problem.

BotSmasher is a CAPTCHA-less tool to check user submissions for spam. Why CAPTCHA-less? Because your spam isn’t your visitors’ problem.

Register with BotSmasher to get an API key and start smashing bots!


All comments supplied by users who aren’t administrators are checked by BotSmasher. If they are identified as spam, they’ll be flagged as spam and not shown on your site. You can report false positives back to BotSmasher if a real comment gets flagged.


New registrations are run through BotSmasher. Anybody flagged by BotSmasher will get a notice that they’ve been flagged as spam, and directed to contact the site separately. When you get the new user email from WordPress, it’ll include a link to the user’s profile that enables you to flag that user in BotSmasher.

Contact Form

BotSmasher includes an integrated and accessible contact form with basic customization options. The contact form shortcode is documented on the settings page, but can also be configured via the widget tool. Customize styles by placing a stylesheet called ‘bs-form.css’ in your theme or child theme directory. Form submissions are automatically saved as a non-public custom post type.


Available languages (in order of completeness):
German, Portuguese, Dutch, French

Visit the BotSmasher translations site to help out!

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