Content Progress

Current Version: 1.3.13
Requires: 4.1
Tested to: 4.7.23
Last updated: 2017-02-04 9:15pm GMT

Content Progress helps you manage your content editing work flow. It adds icons to your content listings (Posts, Pages, and custom post types) to indicate the current needs for that post.

The plug-in auto-detects empty posts or documents with very small amounts of content; but also allows you to flag documents specifically.

You can flag any document as incomplete or needing review, or create custom content flags suitable to your needs, such as “Needs Research”, “Add Media” or “Needs Scheduling”.

To help communication between groups (or remembering where you are for large sites!), you can also add notes to each post.

This simple work flow plug-in provides a quick way to scan over which documents in your web site are finished, since it is frequently the case in my own development that I add all new pages (for the purpose of building menus and navigation) before actually filling those pages with content.

There are also four shortcodes available for generating front-facing lists of pages: [empty], [partial], [incomplete], and [needs_review] which will produce appropriate unordered lists of documents. Each shortcode accepts an argument for the post type: e.g. [empty type=’post’]

With the addition of custom statuses available in version 1.3.0, a fifth shortcode [list status=”] is available to produce a list of items with a custom status.

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Languages available (in order of completeness):
German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Polish, Irish

Translator Credits