Request a Feature

Use the my contact form to request features you’d like to see added to My Calendar. Features will be added at my discretion; the decision making process is almost 100% based on my available time, but a donation can always help move your request higher on my priorities list!

Current feature requests on the docket, in no particular order:

  1. Limit access to events by category/role relationship
  2. Display events calendar by custom field
  3. Multiple category assignments.
  4. Style options to make basic color changes
  5. Generate posts listing forthcoming events.
  6. Improve keyboard support for JavaScript pop-ups
  7. Import events from outside sources (iCal, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), other)
  8. Edit admin bar button
  9. Option to select end date for recurring events instead of ‘x’ occurrences
  10. Limit number of events in a given time slot for a given day.
  11. Email site users when a new event is added

Completed feature requests:

  1. Recurring events every nth day or week
  2. Change sending address for email notifications
  3. Recurring events happening bimonthly
  4. Create a post when a new event is created.
  5. Add custom fields to events.
  6. Search events
  7. Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) support
  8. Expand number of date displays which are individually customizable
  9. Roles/Capabilities support for permissions
  10. Get events from remote WP installation
  11. Attribute support in template tags (date format, before/after elements)
  12. Print view
  13. Display end date only if different from date.
  14. Allow multi-day events to display as a group rather than each separately.
  15. Editable calendar captions
  16. Additional “Save Event” button
  17. Events RSS Feed
  18. Export calendar to .ics format
  19. Reserve dates without publishing to calendar; publish those dates in a separate output.
  20. Have contributors submit dates for review, published by administrator.
  21. Display events calendar by location. Added location selector
  22. Display events calendar by location as a shortcode option.
  23. Multiple levels of filtering.
  24. Delete/edit single instances of recurring events.
  25. Have option for recurring events automatically skipping holidays.
  26. Recurring events happening biweekly
  27. Recurring events happening every x day of a month (e.g. Every 3rd Thursday in the month.)
  28. Non-admin users can only edit their own events
  29. Shortcode support for multiple categories
  30. Save lists of locations in separate databases
  31. Customize layout via templating of event output in calendar and list formats
  32. Import events from Kieran’s event calendar Completed, needs further revision.
  33. Larger or resizable style editing box
  34. Support for multiple widgets
  35. Include end time for events
  36. hcalendar format for event output
  37. Option to display the event time based on registered user’s time zone.
  38. Options to control the fields available for input in the event manager.
  39. Provide link to edit events available directly from calendar if user has appropriate rights.
  40. Bulk delete events
  41. Option to hide days/weekend on calendar view
  42. Option to set default order for manage events list
  43. Show Manage Events list on Edit screen
  44. Stored link associated with each location
  45. Display list of locations with links to maps.

These are all great requests, but my development time is limited. Donations help, mind you!

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Please note: this page is only for feature requests. Support requests will be deleted.