Accessibility for WordPress at

My first course with went live today: Accessibility for WordPress. It’s an introduction to accessibility topics, understanding accessibility in themes and plug-ins, and writing accessible code. Does it cover everything? It sure doesn’t – you can’t cover the entirety of either WordPress or Accessibility in an hour and a half; but it’ll give you a great introduction to what you need to know to work accessibility in the WordPress ecosystem. Not a member? It’s never too late to […]

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Be a power user: Access Monitor &

I just published an update to Access Monitor, and based on some of the feedback I’ve gotten, I want to talk about a handy trick for using Access Monitor more effectively. The feedback amounts to concerns about the amount of processing time Access Monitor can consume. This is fair – after all, if you want to test 50 pages of your site every day, that could be a lot of queries to Tenon, and those can each take a healthy […]

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Important: Security Fix for My Calendar

I’m releasing an update to My Calendar today as part of a coordinated security release affecting dozens of major plug-ins in the repository. If you’re currently running any version in the 2.3.x branch of My Calendar, your site is vulnerable. If you’re on an older version of My Calendar, you are not vulnerable to this security issue, but you may be vulnerable to a security issue I fixed in version 2.3.10. My recommendation is that all users should upgrade […]

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WP Accessibility Update: alt enforcement

I released an update to WP Accessibility today, that adds some limited enforcement on alt attributes for images. It’s not as sophisticated as I’d like it to be, but it’s a start. This includes five separate pieces: In the media manager, images include an indication that shows whether they have an alt text set or have been marked as decorative. If neither is true, it shows a link that points directly to the alt attribute field for editing. In the […]

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