WordPress Plugins & Tools

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Supported WordPress Plugins

These are WordPress plug-ins that I am actively supporting and maintaining.

  • My Calendar – Manage events and maintain a public calendar on your WordPress web site. My Calendar can be extensively customized in appearance and many aspects of output. The My Calendar: Submissions upgrade provides the ability to let your site’s visitors submit events and build your calendar.
  • My Tickets – Sell tickets or handle registrations for events through your WordPress web site. My Tickets provides an accessible interface for selling tickets to a wide variety of events that you can create using My Calendar or on any post type in your installation.
  • WP to Twitter – The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your blog with support for a variety of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortening services to provide a link back to your post from Twitter. Upgrade to WP Tweets PRO to supercharge WP to Twitter.
  • WP Accessibility – WP Accessibility improves the overall front-end accessibility of your WordPress web site by allowing you to generate skip links, remove redundant title attributes, and enabling numerous other key accessibility features.
  • Access Monitor – Access Monitor levers the power of Tenon.io to run automated tests for the accessibility of your site. Schedule tests for regular review, so you can get a great idea of the ongoing accessibility of your WordPress site.
  • Accessible Video Library – Accessible Video Library is a video manager plug-in that provides the ability to upload and use caption files, subtitles, and transcripts for your site’s videos.
  • Contact Form 7: Accessible Defaults – A tool to provide accessible default settings for the WordPress plug-in Contact Form 7. Best use? Install & Activate Accessible Defaults, then install Contact Form 7. That way the default contact form installed with Contact Form 7 will be accessible!

Unsupported Plug-ins

  • Content Progress – Content Progress is a WordPress plug-in to quickly spot the pages and posts on your site which are not completed. It’s primarily intended as a early development tool while building content out on a new web site.
  • My Content Management – My Content Management adds support for generating and displaying a wide variety of types of special content, including Frequently Asked Questions; Testimonials; Staff lists, and a variety of other special content formats.
  • BotSmasher – Spam-smashing plug-in for filtering comments and registrations; also includes a filtered and accessible contact form.
  • WP Post Styling – Add post-specific custom styles to posts or pages of your blog.

Accessibility and HTML Tools