Web Accessibility Services

Are you in the process of planning your web site? Great! This is a perfect time to engage me for website accessibility consulting services. I’ll help you work through your design plan, provide comments during development and design phases, and help you build a site to maximize usability by visitors with disabilities.

I can work with your existing design and development teams. I’ll teach them how to build an accessible web site and help find issues in your existing work. If you’re serious about usability and user experience, get started now — accessibility is at its most effective and cheapest at the beginning of your project.

Custom Software Development

As an experienced WordPress developer and member of the WordPress Accessibility Team, I’m happy to provide my services in developing custom functionality for your site. I have years of experience building accessible interfaces, and it can sometimes be the most efficient option to hire me to build your application rather than review and then repair somebody else’s work. I’ve built a wide variety of simple and complex applications, so just let me know what you need.

Accessibility Seminars & Lectures

Do you have an established web development team? I can provide custom seminars to educate your content creators, managers, designers, and developers on the aspects of accessibility that they need to know. Seminars can be anywhere from a half-day to a week, depending on the depth of detail you want to address.

This should be no surprise – but no in-person training is currently available.

In-person training is best. Talking to your team on-site allows me to quickly assess where more work is needed. I can do training virtually, as well. Virtual training is the cheaper option, since there’s no transportation or lodging to cover. A half-day virtual training session will generally run about $600.

In-person training outside of the Twin Cities is $1600 for a half-day training session or $2400 per full day. You’ll need to cover transportation and lodging during training. Within the Twin Cities, in-person training will generally run closer to the cost of virtual training, depending on transportation time and distance required.

Accessibility Strategy & Planning

If you’re just starting your project, now is the best time to address accessibility. I’ll provide reviews of design and user interface specifications, do code reviews during the course of development, and provide guidance on best practices.

If you need a long-term management strategy to help you ensure that your web site stays accessible, I can help you develop the plan and provide help with tools, training, and planning for long-term accessibility.

Accessibility Testing and Compliance Analysis

If your web site is nearing launch or already finished, I offer two types of reports to help you understand what needs to be done to improve your accessibility.

Full Accessibility Assessment: I believe that the most critical facet of web accessibility is in the practical needs of users with disabilities. My primary report is based almost entirely on practical experience with your web site: keyboard testing, visual inspection, and screen reader testing. The report includes summaries of basic compliance testing and issues such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) validation — but the primary focus is on user experience. The main deliverable is a written report documenting all issues found in your site, connecting them to each relevant Web Content Accessibility Guideline, if they are represented in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). This report will explain the issue, describe the problem and who it impacts, and provide guidance on the possible ways you can resolve the issue.

High-Level Accessibility Assessment: This report will be less detail-oriented than the full assessment. Rather than meticulously identifying every concern on the site, it will be a faster “health check”, intended to give you an overview of the kinds of issues found on your site. It’s still a largely manual process with some automated assistance, but is designed to be completed quickly and provide you with a top-down look at the current state of your site. I won’t find every problem this way, but you’ll know a lot more about how to get started tackling your site and where you stand.