Web Accessibility Services

Are you in the process of planning your web site? Great! This is a perfect time to engage me for website accessibility services. I can help you work through your design, provide comments during development, and build a site to maximize usability by visitors with disabilities.

If you have a design and development team, I can work directly with them. I’ll teach them how to build an accessible web site and help find issues in your existing work. If you’re serious about usability and user experience, get started now! Implementing accessibility is most effective and cheapest at the beginning of your project.

Custom Software Development

I’m an experienced WordPress developer, and I love building custom features. I’ve been building accessible interfaces since 2004, including a wide variety of features from event calendars and ticketing to social media interfaces. If you need something unique, or can’t find an accessible version of your feature, that’s exactly what I enjoy building.

Accessibility Testing and Compliance Analysis

Accessibility Testing is a process we can engage on at any time during the process. While you should address accessibility as early in the process as you can, it’s never too late to get started! There are several different reports I can prepare for you:

Design Assessment

I’ll look at all of the visual assets, design components, and design drafts you’re working with. While most accessibility issues are dependent on code, there are still a wide range of issues I can catch early with a design review. I’ll look at color choices and usage, the visible exposure of labeling and naming, and other possible areas where I can flag issues before they’re built.

High-Level Accessibility Assessment

Sometimes you need something quick and dirty. A high-level report isn’t detail-oriented. Instead, the goal is a status report to tell you where you are and what you need. Rather than meticulously identifying issues, I’ll give your site a “health check”. This is an overview of the kinds of issues found on your site. It’s a manual process with some automated assistance, resulting in a fast top-down look at the current state of your site.

I won’t find every problem, but you’ll know where you stand without exhausting your budget. This is great way to get started for existing web sites.

Full Accessibility Assessment

I believe that the most critical facet of web accessibility is in the practical needs of users with disabilities. My primary report is based almost entirely on practical experience with your web site: keyboard testing, visual inspection, and screen reader testing. The report includes summaries of basic compliance testing – but the primary focus is on user experience.

The main deliverable is a report documenting every issue I found. The report connects each issue to related accessibility guidelines, if they are represented in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). This report will explain each issue, describe the problem and who it impacts, and provide guidance on the possible ways you can resolve the issue.

WordPress Accessibility Remediation

As an expert in both WordPress and Accessibility, I’ll work with you to fix the accessibility issues on your website. Threatened with a lawsuit? Had an accessibility audit? If you need help fixing the problems, I’m happy to step in and take care of the fixes you need.

Accessibility Strategy & Planning

If you’re building a complex project, I can be embedded directly into the planning processes. I’ll review design and user interface specifications, do code reviews during the course of development, and provide guidance on best practices. Rather than doing a single massive report, I’ll interact with your team throughout development. During the process, I’ll report bugs on a daily or weekly basis for your team to turn around quickly.

For large projects, the monolithic model of accessibility auditing doesn’t work! Stopping all development for a month while a team performs a detailed analysis of the whole project isn’t feasible. Embedding an accessibility expert in the team helps solve this problem.