Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me, and I attempt to collect the smallest quantity of information I can about you while still providing the services you are purchasing. In addition to the data management and retention policies below, I do not share your data with any 3rd parties at any time.

Data Collection and Retention

I am the only person with access to any information you send to me. There are no employees or contractors with access to, to my email accounts, or to my support ticket tracking system (HelpScout; HelpScout privacy policy)

Your purchase data is also available to the Payment processor you used to make your payments, which is either or PayPal privacy policy; Stripe privacy policy.

If you subscribe to my email newsletter, that information is available to MailChimp. MailChimp Privacy Policy.

As the information I collect is largely critical to providing services, I retain all information indefinitely.

Information I collect:

General visitors: I do not collect any personally identifying information from site visitors.

Plugin Purchasers: I collect your name, email, IP (Internet Protocol) address and billing address as provided to me during purchase. I collect the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of sites you authorize to use plug-ins when you activate them, and I collect the IP address and timestamp each time you download the plug-in from my site. (Not including automated plug-in updates.)

Plugin Support: I collect your name, email, and the site data you provide to me when you email. On occasion, for complex issues, I will request access to your site. I do not retain this information, and delete it as soon as the issue is resolved.

Financial Data Storage

I do not store any financial data of any kind. The only financial records I store are a transaction ID provided by the payment gateway that processed your payment and the amount paid.

Accessing your data

The ability to export your personal data is pending support from WordPress, anticipated for release in version 4.9.6.

Removing your data

If you would like your information expunged from my records for any reason, contact me.

If you have made a purchase on this site, you may have created an account with your purchase. Within this account, I have records of what you have purchased from me under the name and email address associated with the account you used to place that purchase. You may request that I remove your account at any time. Removal of your account will also remove any entitlement to future upgrades or updates of books or software, but will not remove your ability to use purchased plugins or place future purchases.