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About Me

You may have come here because you were looking for web site accessibility information or for WordPress plugins. In either case, you’re probably in the right place.

I’ve been doing web development and consulting with a focus on accessibility since 2004. As with everything, the focus of my work has drifted back and forth over the years – but accessibility has remained a constant element.

My primary services are accessibility consulting, accessibility remediation, and plugin development.

WordPress Plugins & Accessibility

Starting in 2008, I began to develop WordPress plugins. This rose out of a need for software that could serve key web site needs in a manner that was accessible for users (both on the admin and public side) who had disabilities. The chores of identifying a plugin that did a task, assessing the accessibility of that plugin, and trusting that it would remain accessible were not insignificant. As a result, I decided to write my own.

While I never published some of these plugins, many others are available from the WordPress plugin repository. As usage grew, I found the maintenance of plugins became an overwhelming part of my daily work. I had to make a choice: either I needed to earn income from plugins, or I needed to abandon them.

I made the choice to develop premium add-ons for my plugins, which is why a significant part of this web site is dedicated to selling those. I’m not getting rich, but it’s more manageable for me to continue to work on my plugins.

I also teach courses through LinkedIn Learning. If you want to start learning about building accessibly with WordPress today, check out my course on WordPress Accessibility!

Work isn’t the only thing I do.

In addition to everything you see publicly, I’m a classically trained violinist, playing with the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, Sospiri Early Music, Bold North Baroque Opera, and Metamorphosis Duo. I also practice Shotokan Karate, English Country Dancing, and Scottish Country Dancing, and baroque court dance.