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My Tickets is an e-commerce plug-in for WordPress with a single goal: make buying and selling event tickets as easy as possible. Easy to configure for sellers and easy to use for buyers, My Tickets allows you to sell tickets on your My Calendar events or as part of any post, Page, or custom post type.

What could be more flexible?

My Tickets offers enormous flexibility for developers — it’s easy to style, and offers tons of actions and filters so that you can add your own custom functionality or change almost anything. Check out the My Tickets documentation and explore how the plug-in works!

My Tickets’ Features

  • E-tickets & print-at-home tickets
  • Templatable tickets and receipts
  • Easy shopping cart
  • Payment via Paypal Standard,, or offline
  • Integration with My Calendar or as a stand-alone plug-in
  • Extensive reporting options by event or by date
  • Mass email purchasers for an event
  • Amazingly extendable – build your own payment gateway and plug it in!

My Tickets: Requirements

  • A running installation of the latest and greatest WordPress