Jack Pickard, a fellow volunteer reviewer for Accessites, has just published a really fantastic article at A List Apart. One major accessibility related item for each letter of the alphabet.

But the real greatness of the article is the light-hearted humor and banter – a few jokes which may go over the heads of anybody not involved in the world of web standards and accessibility, but plenty of quotables, such as:

Many standardistas therefore tell you that you should use Microsoft products because they’re easy to use, everyone else uses to them, and let’s face it, you don’t want to be Mr. Geeky standing in the corner by yourself, do you? This of course is unfair. Simply using a Mac does not make you Mr. Geeky, this privilege is reserved for those standardistas who insist on running everything on a Linux platform.

Really, it’s a gem of an article – read it now! It’s well worth your time. (Unless you REALLY don’t want to laugh. If you’re recovering from a belly wound, this may not be for you.)