Hat tip to John Rhodes of WebWord.

Sitepoint has recently released their Usability Kit, first edition: a binder containing 400 pages of documentation (usability evaluation and design techniques, forms, templates, blueprints, etc.), a CD-ROM containing digital versions of the contents, and a complete set of “Magnetic Web Widgets” (while stocks last.)

At $197, this isn’t precisely a “cheap” guide to usability: but hey — you get magnets.

Actually, if you’re going to buy this, I’d suggest buying it soon. The free magnetic web widgets could be a great tool for playing with different layout concepts and ideas. Certainly for myself, as a non-artist, being able to throw together alternate layouts very quickly would be nice. You can design your new sites on the fridge!

Judging from the sample download, I’d agree that it’s well-written and worthwhile. Granted, there are dozens of freely available resources for usability out there: but this compilation of documents might make for a great reference. If you’ve got $197 to burn, buy it (at least for the magnets).