My Calendar Pro

My Calendar is a powerful, flexible events calendar plug-in, used by over 30,000 websites. With the Pro add-on for My Calendar, you will increase the power of your calendar by creating opportunities for events submitted by your users, importing events from external calendars, or posting to your blog for every new event.

My Calendar puts a special emphasis on accessibility, and My Calendar Pro continues that effort, ensuring that all aspects added in My Calendar Pro are also accessible to everybody.

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What can My Calendar Pro do for you?

Front-end Event Submissions & Management

Do you want your users to build and manage their own calendars? My Calendar Pro can do that for you. Are you trying to build a community calendar with events shared by members? No problem!

My Calendar Pro helps you to build out the content for your calendar in many ways. You can control access to the form so only members can submit, or leave it wide open (with spam control through Akismet!) If you want to charge people to submit an event, that’s also an option. You can even restrict so that only specific members are allowed to submit and edit events – all without access to the admin.

Adjust your workflow

With My Calendar Pro, you can create an event while writing a new post or page. Writing about an upcoming event? Add it to your calendar right from the post editor!

Or maybe that’s the opposite of your workflow. If so, you can also go the other way round: create a blog post when publishing an event. Smooth out your process to make your content creation easier.

Import Events

My Calendar Pro can import events from CSV or iCal sources, either via file upload or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Managing events outside of My Calendar? Import them when you’re ready!

If you have a regular source for events, schedule those imports for regular import from their URLs. Sources could be a CSV your client manages by hand, a Google Calendar, or even another My Calendar instance.

Better Event Search

With My Calendar Pro, the Advanced event search filters your events by keyword, date range, category, location, or author. A better search makes it easier for visitors to find the type of event they’re looking for at the time they’re available.

Event Sharing between your sites

Use the WordPress REST (Representational State Transfer) API (Application Programming Interface) to share events between sites. Managing sites where events are shared in complex ways? My Calendar can handle that! Turn on the REST API and you can configure multiple sites using My Calendar to share events between them.

Support for multi-lingual events

Even if you don’t have a fully multi-lingual site, you might sometimes share events in another language. My Calendar Pro lets you mark those events, so that screen reader users will get the right pronunciation for multilingual content.

Feature Details

Publicly Submitted Events

Want to give your visitors an easy way to submit events? While My Calendar provides a lot of tools for managing and displaying events, you’ll want to upgrade to My Calendar Pro to add support for user submission of events. This extension adds that option directly into My Calendar and many more great features!

Test the submissions form before you buy! This is a simple example of the submissions form, with most fields disabled; but it should give you some idea of what you can do.

After installing, you can create a My Calendar submissions form using the built-in Submissions widget or by using the submit events form shortcode – to make this as easy as possible for you, use the Submissions shortcode generator, found on the My Calendar Help screen. The shortcode generator makes building complex shortcodes easy and quick.

Create Events from Posts

Create a lot of blog posts that are associated with your events? Why not make this a bit more efficient? My Calendar Pro allows you to create new events when you post to your blog. It doesn’t have to be a blog post – you can set this up to be available from any type of page or post.

Create Posts from Events

If it makes more sense in your workflow to add blog posts when you publish a new event, that’s also an option! You can specify a variety of custom options and write custom content for the blog post when you create your event.

Create a search form where you can search your events, narrowing the search by category, location, author, or between specific custom dates. The advanced event search can be used as a widget or as an independent page.

Responsive Mode

Tables aren’t natively responsive, so if you’re using My Calendar in it’s grid view, then that doesn’t translate very well to mobile. In My Calendar Pro, you can enable responsive mode and select from a new variety of custom stylesheets built for My Calendar or create your own!

Import Events

Using My Calendar Pro, you can import events from iCal formatted files or by creating custom CSV files formatted specifically for My Calendar. You can also import events from remote sources just by providing the URL for the CSV or iCal data.

Installation Requirements

  • An active installation of the latest version of My Calendar
  • That’s it!

Support. I provide prompt, personal support. You should submit a support request through the form built-in to your My Calendar Help page, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. I’m just one guy; so I can’t promise 24×7 immediate responses — but I can promise you that your support will come from the person who knows the plug-in better than anybody else!

All sales have a no-hassle, no-questions asked 30-day refund policy. Doesn’t do what you need? Hey, that’s fine. Need support? Drop me a line.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled