My Content Management

I closed the My Content Management plugin at on October 23rd, 2023. It’s still available from Github, with the caveat that the plugin comes with no support and no promises that any feature will be kept. It will be developed solely for my own needs moving forward.

My Content Management creates a suite of custom post types, each with an appropriate custom taxonomy and a set of commonly needed custom fields. The purpose of the plug-in is to provide a single common interface to create commonly needed extra content tools.

Additionally, you can create any new custom post type you can think of — and a set of custom meta fields to go along with them.

Almost every web site I work on requires some kind of special content: testimonials, frequently asked questions, lists of staff — you name it. There are plug-ins available for almost all of these – but they’re all different. Different interfaces, different ways to display information, different default styling for how they’re shown on the page.

I wrote this plug-in so that I have all of these features available to me in a single installation: every one with the same interface, with common methods for displaying on a site. Each custom post type also includes a few commonly used custom fields available in templates. (e.g., a phone number field for listings of staff members.)

There’s no default styling outside of whatever your theme offers for the elements used. There is default HTML (HyperText Markup Language), but it can be 100% replaced through the included templating system, or by creating your own theme template documents to display these specific content types.