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XPoster – Share to X from WordPress

Current Version: 4.2.4
Requires: 6.0
Tested to: 6.5.5
Last updated: 2024-05-25 8:34pm GMT

Post Updates from WordPress to X.com and Mastodon.

New in version 4.2: Mastodon support.

XPoster, formerly known as WP to Twitter, is a time-saving tool for keeping your X.com accounts up to date with news and posts from your site.

XPoster uses customizable status templates for updates sent when updating or editing posts, pages, or custom post types. You can customize your messages for each post, using custom template tags to generate the status update.

Free Features

  • Support for X.com and Mastodon.
  • Use post tags as hashtags
  • Use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Support for XMLRPC remote clients
  • Use YOURLS, Bit.ly, jotURL, or Hum as external URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shorteners.
  • Rate limiting: make sure you don’t exceed X.com’s API (Application Programming Interface) rate limits.

Premium Features in [XPoster Pro](https://xposterpro.com)

  • Authors can set up their own accounts in their profiles
  • Time delayed status updates
  • Scheduled update management
  • Simultaneously post updates to site and author accounts
  • Preview and send status updates for comments
  • Filter updates by taxonomy (categories, tags, or custom taxonomies)
  • Upload images to X.com with alt attributes
  • Integrated X.com Card support
  • Support for Player Cards with integrated captions
  • Automatically schedule updates from old posts

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Visit the XPoster translation site to see how complete the current translations are.

Translating my plug-ins is always appreciated. Work on XPoster translations at the WordPress translation site! You’ll need a WordPress.org account to contribute!

Extending XPoster

Check out my GitHub repository of plug-in extensions.