Courtesy of Wendy Boswell at Search Engine Journal, cNet networks are disrupting the way business is done online with the launch of All You Can Upload. The new image hosting service has removed practically all of the normal barriers to using a new service by not requiring registration. Yes, you read that right.

This isn’t to say that they don’t have a "luxury" set of features available to registered members, of course; but the basic hosting of images (for use at places like MySpace, blogs, or Ebay) has as close to no strings attached as you can imagine.

Account levels include the basic membership – a free package which provides personalized online photo albums, member homepages, camera phone compatibility (mobile net comes alive!) and a few other perks. The premium membership, at $2.49 a month provides unlimited photo downloads, no ads, and photo storage for up to 5,000 personal photos.

This, of course, raises a question for me: what is the storage limit for those with no membership? Paying members can only store 5,000 images – can non-members upload an unlimited number of images, then? It rather seems that it would be impossible for non-members to be subject to those kinds of limits.

At any rate, it’s an interesting way of utilizing the common tiered-membership profile for a website. I’ll be curious to see how successful this no-registration file hosting works out.