Philipp Lenssen, of Google Blogoscoped, has written his top 9 Ways to Misunderstand Web Standards. This is a must-read!

The comments are pretty good, too – although certainly some of them just don’t get it:

when your image is a mere illustration to a point you’re repeating elsewhere in the text, there’s no need at all to use the alt text.

Absolutely wrong. There is much benefit to be had, most notably for search engines. In general I find your info to be incomplete and semi-accurate but I’ll spare you a point by point breakdown. I’d just add that the tenth way to misunderstand web standards is to listen to you.

Comments from "Nope"

Kind of missing the point here, "Nope" – the point of web standards, usability and accessibility is to make a website better for users, not search engines. I can’t argue that the list is incomplete – any one of these points could be a full-length article on its own – but there’s no question in my mind that this is a sound breakdown of the fundamental misunderstandings with web standards.