Looking over my site statistics the today I noticed a few referrals from a site called Search and Go. Having never heard of the site, I figured I’d check it out and see what was up. Well, turns out it’s a project which is still in beta development which intends to provide a comprehensive information portal including articles, news, a directory, and various other tools.

One of the key aspects for Search and Go (as one might conclude from the title) is that it’s intended to be fully accessible by mobile internet devices, and also has a featured directory section of sites tailored for mobile devices.

Looking at their code, I’m pretty happy – they are using very clean, semantically appropriate design. Since it’s still in beta, and the front page is clearly labeled as a work in progress, I’m not going to go out of my way to criticize the site’s layout, although I’d suggest making their navigational skip links a little more transparent. That is, possible to be made visible. There’s a very interesting article on the subject of skip links by Gez Lemon and Mike Cherim available at Accessites.org which is worth looking at on this subject.

As for my own site, I was thrilled to see it organized under the category Internet > Web Accessibility > Accessible Designers. The sheer novelty of the existence of this category is worth noting, since many directory sites take so little effort to consider accessibility as to lack a category for it entirely.

Good luck, Search and Go!