All right, I confess — I’ve been delinquent. But, to be fair, I have been writing! What I’ve been writing, however, is not for publication on this blog. Actually, I’ve been writing for print — rather a novelty for me! At any rate, I’m having an article published in Qualityworld, the journal of the Chartered Quality Institute.

Quality assurance is not an area where I have a lot of specific experience, but the whole subject of planning and building a high-quality website IS something where I have some vague knowledge. I’m not exactly certain when the article will be out. I think it’s for the June issue, but I don’t know exactly how long the editorial cycle is for the journal.

At any rate, that’s what has consumed a large amount of my available writing time recently. Soon I’ll be returning to the usual rigamarole. If you could see my drafts list, you’d see that I have plenty of half-baked ideas!