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2021: Year in Review

January 6, 2022

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It’s time for my annual look back at what’s been going on in the last year! And by “annual” I mean “I’ve never done this before, so don’t bother looking.” This last year was a busy one, replete with challenges and opportunities of all types. It’s not even feasible for me to really review everything I did this year, but I’ll at least cover WordPress & WordPress plugins. Working on WordPress I became a WordPress Committer in September 2019, but […]

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Netflix: Instant Viewing

May 31, 2007


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The “instant viewing” program from Netflix — streaming video for Netflix subscribers — is supposed to be available to their entire subscriber network by June of 2007. I tried it out last night. It was awesome. Netflix doesn’t yet have a particularly extensive collection in their instant viewing treasure trove, but it’s certainly substantial enough to provide items of interest for most audiences, with about 2,000 videos to watch across genres. I watched a 45 minute television program at full […]

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Two weeks without posting.

May 29, 2007

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All right, I confess — I’ve been delinquent. But, to be fair, I have been writing! What I’ve been writing, however, is not for publication on this blog. Actually, I’ve been writing for print — rather a novelty for me! At any rate, I’m having an article published in Qualityworld, the journal of the Chartered Quality Institute. Quality assurance is not an area where I have a lot of specific experience, but the whole subject of planning and building a […]

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Who can define independence?

March 30, 2007

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All right, if you’re expecting to read about web development, prepare to be disappointed (or bored.) I don’t claim to always stay on topic, and right now I’m intending to split off a bit…so here goes. I was just reading an interesting little article at Humanities Talks: “20 Greatest Historical Myths,” and I have a subtle quibble with one point: (actually, I could quibble with several, but this is the only one I’m going to discuss.) The article states: 6. […]

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