Review: W3-Markup Code Preparation Service

May 21, 2008

Topics: Accessibility.

There are a lot of services in the web marketplace offering code conversion. You give ’em a design, they spew out some junk code for you. This isn’t the way it has to be, thankfully.

There are, believe it or not, PSD to HTML (HyperText Markup Language) conversion services which are committed to creating standards compliant, semantic code.

Well, there’s at least one — I’m not personally aware of others…

But the point is that if you’re a designer who needs a completed design transformed into semantic code, you don’t actually need to do it yourself. Or, alternatively, if you’re fully competent to do it yourself but short on time, you can speed things up using this service.

Advantages of the service:

  • highly customized order process — the order form allows you to select numerous detailed customizations.
  • their process allows you to work with their staff via live chat,, and our client area intranet.
  • guaranteed turnaround time.

Truthfully, the order form is pretty savvy in terms of providing you with ways to specify significant detail on exactly how your site is built. If you simply prefer that they use the Dojo Javascript library instead of Prototype — that’s an option. The options are extensive.

Among the options, for example, are these options:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
A set of guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium, these overlap with our own mobile and screen reader compatibility options however ours are more practical and up-to-date. If a specific version of the guidelines is to be followed please specify it in the comments section.


W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Compliance
Currently 2.1 of the cascading style sheet standard is the most widely supported and capable version. Select 1 or 2 only if you have specific needs that require those versions. Select 3.0 if you wish us to use experimental or loosely supported techniques.

It seems to me that one of the key advantages to this service is the ability to work directly with their staff during the construction process. However, even without that, you can provide an incredible amount of detail concerning the development in the advance specifications.

If you have specific needs (such as accessibility beyond the guidelines), you’ll have the opportunity to discuss those issues with the developer while they work.

Oh…and I really like their tagline: “code is art….” I can appreciate that sentiment!

Disclosure: This is a paid review. But don’t worry — it’s honest.

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7 Comments on “Review: W3-Markup Code Preparation Service”

  1. Well, that pretty much sucks! I work with one company which uses an indirect communication portal — my hosting company — and they’re incredibly speedy about response times. But sometimes it’s really nice to just be able to give somebody a call…

    Sounds like you had a pretty terrible experience.

  2. I’ve used W3 for a rather large project. I requested 7 day complete time due the amount of pages and details. It ended up taking them 4 weeks longer to complete everything, some things they missed, some things werent working right, some things just didnt make sense how they implemented it, etc. Overall the quality of the code was very good but I honestly don’t think they test anything like they say because they would send me an update and it wouldn’t work in one browser (usually IE (Internet Explorer) or Firefox). The one thing I really didn’t like was their communication portal. It takes an average of 3 days just for them to answer one simple question, and that’s not a good thing when you have tight deadlines and need the project to be completed. I prefer just to pick up the phone and speak to someone asap, but you can’t do that with them. Very annoying.

  3. I got a 70 page website developed from They delivered them in 2 weeks with excellent results. Not a single major iteration was needed. I would really like to thank the owner for having such a wonderful team

  4. Try these guys

    A good friend referred this to me and he raved about how good the service was. I have them bookmarked and will definitely will using them for my future xhtml or html conversion projects.

  5. nice review but i have already used and these guys do their work upto to the satisfactory level

  6. Good stuff. Love to read more stuff from you.

  7. Thanks for this article, this service sounds great!