Article on Deaf/Hard of Hearing Issues at Practical eCommerce

July 23, 2008

Topics: Accessibility.

I actually wrote and published this almost two weeks ago — unfortunately, I accidentally wrote it as a page instead of a post, and didn’t notice. At any rate, I’m publishing it now, although it’s a bit after the fact…

So, I know that I’ve been more than a little bit quiet lately. I’ve got some things in progress, but it’s been hard to focus in the heat! Nonetheless, I’ve just published an article at Practical eCommerce magazine entitled “Customer Service for the Hearing Impaired,” addressing some issues the deaf and hard of hearing communities encounter when dealing with online merchants.

Comments are accepted at Practical eCommerce, and I’ll be checking in there occasionally, so feel free to make your comments there! (Comments are also moderated at the magazine, and I have nothing to do with that…so you can also feel free to comment here. As you wish!)

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