I released My Tickets version 1.9.0 today; the first major release for My Tickets in over three years. In reality, My Tickets has changed quite a lot since version 1.8.0 released in 2019; but it’s been mostly very slow and incremental, and without a lot of significant new features.

Though this release has a short changelog, a few of those changelog items are pretty significant in scope.

General Admission ticketing

Not everything you sell tickets for is an event with a fixed date and time. General Admissions adds support for ticketing experiences. Think of museum admissions, art galleries, or scenic events. These tickets are valid for a period of time following sale, but don’t belong to a fixed time event, and can be used anytime between purchase and their expiration.

Set a close date for a ticket type

Sometimes, you want to remove a particular type of ticket from availability during the sale process. My Tickets now supports an option to let a ticket type expire; so you can establish early bird pricing for those quick decision makers.

The `[my-payments]` shortcode.

If you’re selling a lot to a fixed set of users who can log-in to your site, this allows them to view their purchase history and access their tickets from their account. In future updates, it may also provide the ability to manage purchase – adding additional tickets, cancelling their attendance, or other management tools. Let me know what seems useful to you by making suggestions in the My Tickets Github repository.