Best practices: keywords in alt attributes

This is certainly a subject that I’ve covered before — in fact, it’s something I would hardly choose to cover yet again if it didn’t continue cropping up as an important issue. The use of text in alt attributes is an extremely sensitive subject. Today, the good folks at SEOmoz published an extensive article documenting their statistical findings on web site ranking factors, as gathered from the data in their LinkScape analysis tool. It’s a good article, and demonstrates some […]

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New Accessibility Review at Practical eCommerce

The second in my monthly column of Practical eCommerce accessibility reviews is available today! This review follows a different pattern than the previous, setting up a persona-based walkthrough of the reviewed site. Read my review of of Pets Contained at Practical eCommerce. It’s always interesting to see what I’ve written after the editors have had their way with it…

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Accessibility Review at Practical eCommerce

Launching today, I’m beginning a new series at Practical eCommerce. This is a series of practical accessibility reviews — web sites can submit themselves to be reviewed, and I’ll take some time to review the site and write up my comments in an article format. The goal of this article isn’t to tear down the hard work web site owners have done, so I’m not as harsh as I might be in another context — it’s also not a paid […]

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New Column at Practical eCommerce: Checkout Process

Somehow, I’m never fully satisfied when I’m posting notification about a new column elsewhere and see that my last post was also a notification about a column elsewhere. It becomes clearly evident to me that my posting frequently here at Accessible Web Design has gone down a bit. Granted, I was on vacation for a big chunk of the last four weeks, so we’ll call that an excuse. The new column is Accessibility and the Checkout Process, summarizing a few […]

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New Column at Practical eCommerce: Accessibility and the Law

The latest in my monthly column on accessibility at Practical eCommerce magazine is now available: Web Accessibility and the Law. Although I’m not a lawyer, I do pay some attention to the nature of legal issues surrounding web accessibility. They’re murky, but this article attempts to shed some light on how the law covers accessibility issues on the internet. Hope you’re able to get some value out of the article!

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