SEO and Accessibility

January 20, 2012


Topics: Accessibility, Web Development.

One of the constantly hot subjects on the web is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is, at best, a way of managing the content and code of a web site so that it best represents what the site is trying to do. At worst, it’s a scam to trick an innocent search engine algorithm into thinking a site is relevant when it’s not. What about “black hat” SEO? Black hat SEO is closely related to unethical SEO. There’s a […]

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How to structure an accessibility review

January 11, 2012


Topics: Accessibility.

Somebody recently contacted me with a fundamental question: they were undertaking an accessibility audit, and didn’t know how to structure the process. They knew web accessibility well enough — but from the perspective of setting out to perform an audit, they weren’t sure where to go. As a result, I’m putting together this article to talk a little about how to structure an accessibility review, in all the practical ways — how you address coming up with a quote or […]

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Accessible WordPress Plug-ins: what does it mean?

November 15, 2011


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

I’ve been writing WordPress plug-ins for a while now — I launched my first plug-in a little more than 3 years ago. I’ve been involved in web site accessibility for about seven years. Naturally, when I started writing WordPress plug-ins, making them accessible was part of my goal. But accessible software extensions have two aspects: the interface, and the output: and I don’t have complete control over either. Is it possible to make a plug-in with accessible output, guaranteed, every […]

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On the Perception of Relevance

May 23, 2011


Topics: Accessibility.

Search engines and humans are always looking for relevance. When we first open a document on the web (or in our mail), one of our first actions is frequently to determine whether this document is relevant to our needs. In the case of e-mail or physical mail, this is entirely a “push” experience — messages are sent to us, and we evaluate them for relevance. Spam survives largely on that obscure edge case where we identify their messages as relevant. […]

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WordPress Call for Accessibility

May 6, 2011

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Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Jane Wells, the WordPress user interface lead, posted a call for accessibility reviewers for WordPress 3.2 and the new Twenty Eleven theme. I would dearly love to help with this, but in all practicality I don’t think I can commit to it right now. However, I hope that if there’s anybody out there with a good handle on accessibility issues and a little extra time they’ll volunteer to provide their thoughts! WordPress has demonstrated an interest in accessibility, but they […]

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