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My Calendar Pro v2.1.5 released

April 1, 2022

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Topics: Plugins, WordPress.

Version 2.1.5 of My Calendar Pro released today. This update includes a number of helpful improvements and bug fixes: Bug Fixes Bug fix: Don’t show locations in search form if 1 or fewer locations available. Bug fix: Date formats should not apply to data sources, only display sources. Bug fix: Correctly unfold multiline descriptions in ICS imports. Props @UrsWeberG. Bug fix: Trim CSV file so event count is correct in imports. Bug fix: Scripts loading in head could break submit […]

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The posts they are a changin’ – Gutenberg, Blocks, and the future of WordPress

February 2, 2022

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Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

In a recent email, I wrote this paragraph (paraphrased because it’s out of context): “Accessible development requires a high level of distrust for the tools you’re using to build a site, and an operational assumption that unless you have reviewed the output of a tool, you should assume it’s not accessible. This is a frustratingly adversarial method of interacting with software, but once you’ve worked through the process of assessing what your tools do systematically, you will have a good […]

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Don’t judge progress by the number of open issues

January 9, 2022


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Recently, I’ve seen more than one person in the accessibility community sharing Tweets about the number of accessibility issues in the Gutenberg repository. The increase in issues over the last few years is presented to show that WordPress is not considering accessibility. Specifically, I’m referring to comments by Adrian Roselli & Dennis Lembree: There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize the accessibility of Gutenberg. Progress on accessibility has been inconsistent at best. This is heavily influenced by the […]

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2021: Year in Review

January 6, 2022

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Topics: Personal, WordPress.

It’s time for my annual look back at what’s been going on in the last year! And by “annual” I mean “I’ve never done this before, so don’t bother looking.” This last year was a busy one, replete with challenges and opportunities of all types. It’s not even feasible for me to really review everything I did this year, but I’ll at least cover WordPress & WordPress plugins. Working on WordPress I became a WordPress Committer in September 2019, but […]

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Notes on the WordPress Classic Editor plugin

August 30, 2021


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

I’ve observed a lot of conversations about how long WordPress will continue to support the Classic Editor plug-in. It’s something that people seem highly passionate and concerned about – and I haven’t really understood why. In the course of a recent conversation, I learned the reason: people were not aware that the Classic Editor is still part of core. The Classic Editor Plugin does not contain the editor Yes, that’s right. The classic editor plugin offers controls allowing users to […]

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