Twittering Away the Time

March 28, 2007

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Everybody seems to be writing about Twitter. I can’t decide whether it’s so big because people think it’s cute, because people think it has marketing potential, or because it’s just so popular that they want to jump on the bandwagon. Nonetheless, it seems like I’m reading something about Twitter just about every day. The Twitter “micro-blogging” phenomenon is pretty intense. I can certainly see that it has a huge potential for marketing spontaneity: if your target market is the shopping […]

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Spotplex: Exposing the Traffic of Digg and Delicious

March 9, 2007

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Spotplex is an interesting idea. You install their code, and they’ll track how often your blog (in general) and our blog posts (in specific) are viewed. It’s similar to MyBlogLog, in that it tracks visits to your site. It’s like Technorati, in that it provides ranking of blogs on the basis of popularity and provides links to current and popular blog posts. It looks interesting — it’s in Beta right now, but I’ve requested an invitation — see what happens […]

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Decision Making Time

February 26, 2007


Topics: Blogging.

In the last month, I’ve made a total of four posts to this blog. From that list of posts, only one has been of any real substance. The fact is (to keep things simple): I haven’t really had the time to dedicate to this blog. I’m considering shutting it down. All posts would continue to be available; I’d simply absorb this blog into my web development blog. I’d do all the appropriate redirects to keep the resource available – but […]

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Accessibility Podcast at WebAxe

February 24, 2007


Topics: Accessibility, Blogging.

Dennis Lembree and Ross Johnson run a podcast on practical web accessibility called WebAxe. Dennis and Russ aim to cover a wide variety of subjects in the basic of web accessibility. Their last podcast discussed the accessibility of CAPTCHAs – and the next podcast up, for whatever reason, discusses me. Well, not precisely. More specifically, it features an interview with me on the subject of the definition of accessibility – a topic which I’ve written on before. It’s not a […]

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