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WP to Twitter is now XPoster

August 15, 2023

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WP to Twitter is now XPoster Crossposted to WP to Twitter and WP Tweets Pro are things of the past, along with their namesake, Twitter. But the site formerly known as Twitter still survives, and is gradually rebranding itself as And so here we go. Although I didn’t intend to go this direction, the pressures of the marketplace have changed my mind: WP to Twitter is now XPoster, and WP Tweets Pro is now XPoster Pro. But this […]

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Learning about WP to Twitter

April 27, 2016


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Given that I first wrote my plug-in WP to Twitter almost 8 years ago, and it’s been in continuous development since then, you might expect that I know all about it. But that would only be half the truth. What I know about WP to Twitter is the code base. I know how it works, I know why I made various decisions, and I know what I really want to change in future development. But I know very little about […]

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Custom Scheduling in WP Tweets PRO

October 7, 2013

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WP to Twitter is a simple plug-in — publish your post, send out a Tweet. WP Tweets PRO makes that a bit more sophisticated: publish your post, send out the Tweet a few minutes later and schedule a couple additional Tweets for points in the future. But it’s still straightforward – WP Tweets PRO gives you a setting to determine intervals. You can have your post Tweeted 10 minutes after publication, then you can set an interval (say, 13 hours), […]

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WP Tweets PRO Updated – Upgrade now!

November 28, 2012

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The new version of my PRO extension for WP to Twitter is now available. The update fixes a variety of minor bugs, creates some clarifying error messages – but most importantly adds some great new features. In version 1.3.0, you can now: Schedule a Custom Tweet Schedule a Tweet for any time and associate it with any post you’ve published. Simple and straightforward: you can either send it as straight text — what you wrote, and nothing but what you […]

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WP to Twitter and the recent Twitter API change announcements

August 30, 2012


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Twitter is currently in the much-lambasted and disruptive process of making big changes to their API (Application Programming Interface). As the author of a WordPress plug-in which only exists with any value due to its ability to use the Twitter API, I have to be pretty attentive to these kinds of changes. The API changes probably won’t have any significant impact on WP to Twitter or on most users of WP to Twitter. Technically, I’ve needed to change the name […]

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