Custom Scheduling in WP Tweets PRO

WP to Twitter is a simple plug-in — publish your post, send out a Tweet. WP Tweets PRO makes that a bit more sophisticated: publish your post, send out the Tweet a few minutes later and schedule a couple additional Tweets for points in the future. But it’s still straightforward – WP Tweets PRO gives you a setting to determine intervals. You can have your post Tweeted 10 minutes after publication, then you can set an interval (say, 13 hours), […]

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WP Tweets PRO Updated – Upgrade now!

The new version of my PRO extension for WP to Twitter is now available. The update fixes a variety of minor bugs, creates some clarifying error messages – but most importantly adds some great new features. In version 1.3.0, you can now: Schedule a Custom Tweet Schedule a Tweet for any time and associate it with any post you’ve published. Simple and straightforward: you can either send it as straight text — what you wrote, and nothing but what you […]

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WP to Twitter and the recent Twitter API change announcements

Twitter is currently in the much-lambasted and disruptive process of making big changes to their API. As the author of a WordPress plug-in which only exists with any value due to its ability to use the Twitter API, I have to be pretty attentive to these kinds of changes. The API changes probably won’t have any significant impact on WP to Twitter or on most users of WP to Twitter. Technically, I’ve needed to change the name of the application […]

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WP to Twitter 2.4.0 release — with PRO upgrade!

I finally released version 2.4.0 of WP to Twitter today. The latest major version release was quite a long time ago – 2.3.0 went out in June of 2011, and although it has received 18 (18!) bug fix or minor feature updates since then, the plug-in hasn’t had a good overhaul for a very long time. Well, that’s not true anymore. The version I released today has some pretty substantial changes — it no longer requires cURL support, for one […]

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WordPress Post Custom Styling

Current Version: 1.2.1 Download WP Post Styling. Read more about this plugin. Support this Plugin New in Version 1.2.1: Added ability to delete CSS from the style library New WordPress plugin: WP Post Styling. The plugin serves only one purpose: to create a place to add custom styles which will only apply to the current page or post in your WordPress blog. Although not widely used on the internet, it’s a valuable magazine design technique to give each article a […]

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