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Helping search engines provide better results

August 18, 2007


Topics: Search Marketing.

I just want to discuss one concept (mine) behind search engine optimization. There are still people out there who would opine that all efforts at search optimization are a form of trickery – although that number is certainly shrinking as the SEO community grows and matures. A key element to SEO is the concept of the “perfect search result.” For my purposes, this is defined as the search result which: Provides access to the most relevant information pertaining to the […]

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Use of On-Page Text for SEO

June 29, 2007

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Topics: Search Marketing.

This is one of the basics among basics in SEO: use text on your site, and search engines will happily find it, index it, and send visitors to your site using the terms in that text. It’s a very straightforward concept, in it’s most basic realization — but the failure to complete understand it nevertheless encompasses a huge variety of errors. This is, to some degree, a bit of a rant on the topic. At the top of the list […]

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Meaningful is Marketable

April 18, 2007

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Topics: Search Marketing.

Many companies, particularly those offering consulting services or services with a high level of abstraction do a supremely poor job of conveying to their site visitors exactly what it is that they do. Perhaps they want to appear sophisticated in their self-description, or give the impression that what they do is so complicated that only four-syllable words can effectively convey the true core of their activities. To state it bluntly: you need to write sense in order to sell your […]

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Are you “nofollowing” yourself?

March 30, 2007

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Topics: Search Marketing.

Loren Baker writes today on the damage you can do your site by applying the “nofollow” microformat to your own pages. He breaks it down to one core element: what are you saying if you don’t trust your own pages? Using nofollow on yourself seems to be one pretty obvious way of sending the wrong signals — it may or may not be directly read as a “bad thing,” but it absolutely suggests something manipulative or untrustworthy about your site. […]

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Harping on Duplicate Content

March 15, 2007


Topics: Search Marketing.

Jill Whalen has a nice article at SearchEngineLand on duplicate content. Although I don’t necessarily have anything to add to the article, I think I can summarize it pretty nicely: What Search Engines DON’T do about Duplicate Content Search engine spider to website: “Hi! It looks like you’ve got two copies of the same document here! Well, humph. I’m not going to index EITHER of them and I’m going to dock your rankings while I’m at it!” What Search Engines […]

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