Best Practices in Web Development: Part 2

August 27, 2008


Topics: Web Development.

Part 1 (Contracts, Site Requirements,Information Architecture) Part 2 (Hosting and Security) Part 3 (Navigation, Scent) Part 4 (Semantics, Structure vs. Design, Universal design) Part 5 (Interaction, Errors, and Administration) Once you’ve established your needs document, you should take the time to pick the right server set-up. Different sites need different services — but the right hosting package should always offer certain key elements. Hosting is an integral part of good web site performance, so you should pay close attention to […]

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Usability Issues with Domain Management

January 10, 2008


Topics: Usability, Web Development.

Working as a web developer, I find myself dealing with a lot of different domain registrars, hosting services, etc. It’s inevitable. It’s also not the slightest bit uncommon to run across one very specific usability inconvenience with how these services manage their services. (Not all of them — but enough that it’s irritating.) This specific problem is that when you’re managing domains, some of these services handle multiple-domain management in the following manner: Select the action you wish to perform. […]

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