Everybody should write a CMS

February 9, 2016

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Topics: Accessibility, Web Development, WordPress.

I’m not joking, although I’m sure that’s the first impression from this post’s title. But there’s a crucial caveat: everybody should write their own JavaScript framework or content management system; but very few should ever let their tool get used. There’s an enormous learning value in programming a large, complex system. You get a strong sense of accomplishment, while learning just how complicated it is to create a flexible theming system, menu structuring tool, and content editor – let alone […]

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I’m an accessibility consultant. Stop hiring me.

January 14, 2016


Topics: Accessibility, Web Development.

I call myself an accessibility consultant when I’m not building WordPress plug-ins. But in all reality, you should stop hiring accessibility consultants. The work is awful, and nobody wants to do it. Seriously – the work is awful. I mean that. Building accessible web sites and applications? That’s awesome. Training you and your team on what’s involved in creating an accessible resource? Also awesome. Creating tools that help you identify or fix accessibility issues? Really, seriously awesome. Diving into that […]

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Extending WordPress Plug-ins

January 2, 2016

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Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

Awesome WordPress plug-ins are built making extensive use of awesome core WordPress tools: filters and actions. My own plug-ins are no exceptions. But the fact that I’ve used the awesome power of filters and actions in my plug-ins doesn’t automatically mean that you know how to use and implement them. There are some great tutorials available on how to use WordPress actions and filters (or hooks, as they’re known collectively): Learning to use WordPress hooks from Elegant Themes The Complete […]

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What I hate about themes

January 6, 2015


Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

Just to disclose the truth: I don’t really hate themes. But as a plug-in developer with tens of thousands of users, what I hate is undisclosed conflicts – and themes are a big part of that problem. We’re talking about tech support. The other day, Pippin Williamson posted this Tweet: If you're a #WordPress theme developer, please do not modify file upload locations. There is zero reasons a theme should be doing that. — Pippin Williamson (@pippinsplugins) January 5, 2015 […]

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New plug-in released: My Tickets

December 9, 2014

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Topics: Web Development, WordPress.

One of the most commonly requested pieces of functionality for My Calendar is the ability to manage registrations and ticketing for events. But adding that functionality as part of the calendar would make for an absurdly complex plug-in to offer a feature that not all users would actually need. So adding ticket handling to My Calendar was never really an option. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important feature to offer! As of today, my new plug-in My […]

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